Q - What are my options to close a split bellows?
A - You have three choices: hook/loop tape (ie. Velcro), zippers or dome fasteners. They can be installed in a straight line or in a spiral depending on the collapsed height of the bellows.

Q - Where do I order hose clamps or retaining plates?
A - All orders are shipped complete with hose clamps or retaining plates.

Q - Is there an extra charge for special sized bellows?
A - No, we do not have an up charge for odd size bellows.

Q - What is the warranty for sewn bellows?
A - We offer one year on manufacturer’s defects. This is subject to manufacturer’s inspection, and does not include failure from abuse, environmental conditions or wrong information being provided.

Q - Are the bellows a totally sealed unit?
A - No, we cannot guarantee a totally sealed unit, although we have customers using them in underwater conditions and as expandable seals with 4 PSI internal pressure.

Q - Can we order the bellows with internal guides?
A - Yes, internal guides can be supplied to support the bellows from sagging.